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e-Governance stands for electronic government i.e- implementation of electronics, computer and digital technology in government departments, government sections etc. In other way it reduces man power involvement and automate many processes.

4U Software Solutions is one of the fastest growing player in the e-Governance sector. Our service help government agencies improve operational efficiencies, reduce project costs, speed up implementation cycles and become more citizen-friendly. The key to e-Government is the establishment of a long term, organization wide strategy to constantly improve operations with the end in view of fulfilling citizen needs by transforming internal operations such as staffing, technology, process and workflow management.

We are living in a digital world, where everything is done digitally and which is also good in terms of minimization of labor and money. We provide services to government sectors for automate their processes. Our e-governance services includes systems like Online form fill-up, online complain register, online monitoring of various activities in different departments of government.We analyse the work process of any department or organisations then plane out the solutions and finally implement the whole thing which will helps government as well as the pubic. We save resources of government as well as general public by implementing automated system which runs on less manpower interventions and provide perfect results.

Our motive is to work for Government to provide effective solutions in low cost which. By implementing our services transparency can be maintained in that sector which leads to corruption free society.

As we are based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. We have introduced the online admission system in Utkal University, Asia’s largest affiliating university situated at bhubaneswar. We brought change in conventional system. Where students across all location of India have to come utkal university physically for admission form and university have to send admit card, intimation letter etc. We have simplified that by using our online admission system. For this we have won many awards many recognition from the government of odisha.


We convert your office to e office which is less paper work and save time.


We can make your e-grievance cell for your business so that you can understand the problem of your clients..


e-monitoring is way to directly supervise your office work from a single place.

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