The Smart phone Credit Card

In the year of 2014 the term m-commerce came into existence by launching of Apply Pay by apple INC in October-2014. It was the key invention of apple along with i-phone 6, it’s possible using NFC technology.

the iPhone 6 gave the capacity to tap your phone to another NFC equipped  gadget and pay for buys at true stores. Obviously, utilizing your cell phone as your credit card isn’t it.. On the other hand, Apple’s entrance into the world of online payment speaks the truth substantially more than simply its most recent cell phone wizardry. It adds to the developing number of web organizations as towering and various as Google and Amazon, why should looking procedure money.

What this implies for the online entrepreneur is that 2015 is liable to give more open doors and all the more veering patterns to stay informed concerning.

In meanwhile the number of internet user using mobile is increased drastically than user’s accessing internet using PCs. So the m-commerce popularised rapidly in the beginning of 2015 among the techies. As a result people used the mobile commerce and paid the bill at restaurant, train ticket and other shopping purpose rapidly and soon the term m-commerce become widely popularized among the young users.

Later big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon launched their m-commerce platforms for their users.  For an instance app developer can use the credit from google wallet for shopping n other thing. Shopping sites like amazon, flipcart etc give more discount for the users who are shopping using their mobile devices. Facebook also starts giving advertisement credit and cash drawing power to it’s app developers through the mobile wallet.

Very soon in the middle of 2015 m-commerce become much more popular even among the common people, this is just because companies like Paytm launched very simple and easy interface for online shopping, mobile recharge and other bill payments through mobile wallet. Even after all leading major banking sectors, educational sector accepts the mobile wallet medium as authentic payment mode. In this way the Smart phone is now the credit card of many people.

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