Why You should update your website now in 2019.

I’m sure you do love your website like your child, if not then it’s time to love your website, because it’s the virtual impression of your brand/business or your service. If you own a website and you have not updated the website since a long, then this article is for you. I will guide you the possible things you need to do with your website in this early 2019.

The Old Fashioned Design

Perhaps you are the owner of a website since late 90’s. In that time it was very effective to attract new customers and inquires from the website. Now the time has changed, you need to think about a new layout for your website for attracting more and more number of visitors and to get more business leads from your website.  Your classic looking website need to be updated with the modern, clean and  responsive web design. If you had developed your website with ASP, Static HTML website, then you need to re-design your website by any of the leading CMS.

Designs are Not up-to the Mark

Does you website looks smart like your brand? If the answer is no, then don’t wait more. Just get ready to re-develop your website with modern look and feels, features. You know, your website helps you for promoting your business 24×7 hours to the whole world, your website should reflect the aesthetic seance of your business. So, get your website Re-Designed from Professional website developers.

Outdated Technology

If you have not changed your website’s design since last 3-4 years then surely your website using an outdated technology. Does your website’s pages contains special characters like “+” , “=”, “?” etc? If yes, get those URL changed right away, those kind of URL structures are highly insecure and not SEO friendly according to the SEO trends in 2019.  reach out with any web developer or webmaster and seek their help for resolving the issue. Website builds using latest Technology,e.g- WordPress, Drupal, PHP(Framework) will not show this kind of characters over the URL.

Issues in Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendliness is an very important aspect of any website because, from you total number of visitors 60% are accessing your website through a mobile devices, if the mobile users will not be able to see your website properly, then whats the point of running such website ? Go through the Google’s Mobile friendliness test for your website and, work on re-designing of your website immediately if Google says your website is not mobile friendly.

Loading Time

There are websites which opens in 4-5 seconds and the pages of the website loads in just 2-3 seconds, If this is the loading time of your business website, then no need to be worry, your website speed is fantastic. If your website’s loading time is more than 10 Seconds, it’s the point of concern and you must update your website for resolving the loading time issues of your website.

Security and vulnerability

Old is not always the gold, old aged domain name is nice but old design, old technology is not advisable for running a website for a successful business. Using the Old version Database Server and Web-server are more dangerous  and chance for hacking of the website is more. If your website runs on a old shared server then it’s time to move for a latest and Updated web server.

SEO Exposure

At last, you can think you are running the website to get more number of customer and make your website to reach near all the qualified audience of having interest in using your service. All these things are only possible if your websites SEO parameters are perfect or your website is SEO friendly. Old fashioned website or technology used for designing website had not much options for equipped the website with all SEO parameters. Modern website design tools and technology have made this SEO exposure of any website easier. You just need to hire a qualified SEO consultant for the same.

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